Sunday, June 8, 2014


When gods are out to teach me a lesson
where to go to pray or find relief?

my prophet friend predicts each day good
and the future fulfilling, the palmists find
the sun, saturn, venus, and rahu hostile

they seek money for rituals, stones, or mantras
while God gives us the best in life gratis

I can't change man or nature, nor the karmas
now or tomorrow they all delude
in the maze of expediency and curse
stars, fate, destiny, or life before and after
degenerating the mind, body, thought, and divine


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Prof. R.K. Singh said...

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Bonnie Roberts
Jul 16, 2014

More and more, I believe now, this moment, is all we have, and in just a moment it will be two billion years later--so we need to find a way to be in the now and find it precious. Not always easy, I know.

Prof. R.K. Singh
Jul 16, 2014

You're right Bonnie. The tragedy is, we kill our present by sticking to the past or worrying about the future. We have gradually ceased to live and wasted life negotiating how to exist!

Bonnie Roberts
Yesterday 8:53 PM

Yes, we have, but not altogether, I think. There HAVE BEEN MOMENTS. Of clarity, of knowing on a "gut level" that "I am"--I exist. That is pure ecstasy. In the process of our trying to figure things out, haven't we also, in our attempts at loving, had MOMENTS of knowing, actually, HOW to love and HOW to receive love. Maybe life is counted in moments. In all eternity, our whole lives are, after all, an almost non-existent blink. I think it's okay to be an almost non-existent blink if we have had a MOMENT in our lives, just a MOMENT of loving and being loved--not necessarily in a romantic way, but in any kind of relationship where there is a free flow of love from one to the other and back again, without impediments. Your deep sadness. I feel it, across all this distance. I wish that I could take it away and fling it into some beautiful, warm ocean where you could swim and laugh and hold your wonderful face to the sun and glory in the spirit that is you.

Prof. R.K. Singh
Yesterday 10:03 PM

So nice of you Bonnie for your very empathetic response. You're right about those REAL moments of living and feeling that lasting inner harmony which keeps us alive. I have several such instances captured in my regular poems, haiku and tanka. In a span of six or seven decades of life, one may recall 5% to 7% of such wonderful LIVED moments of satisfaction and/or elevation. The rest is all about ones struggle for safe existence and/or search for what is missing... I thank you for feeling that craving of the spirit in us. Hugs