Sunday, February 17, 2013


Their freedom to choose
keeps them together for love
exchange discourse for lunghi
body for liberation
yoga and meditation

in leisure try to find out
who is available for
a fling or contrive meeting
or turn legs to jellied state
or sip tea under the trees

a hypocrisy
of awakening in group
they jump and lie on each other
in the name of sadhana
teeter on the edge of ruin


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My shrinking body
even if I donate
what's there for research?

devil in the spine
abusing tongue in sleep
or bleeding anus

defy all prayers
on bed or in temple--
the same heresy

oozing and stinking
onanist excursion
dead or alive

--R.K. Singh


They make my face
ugly in my own sight
what shall I see in the mirror?

there is no beauty
or holiness left
in the naked nation:

the streams flow dark
and the hinges of doors moan
politics of corruption

I weep for its names
and the faces they deface
with clay dreams