Thursday, March 1, 2007


His presence
among the known faces—
evening fog

A thin fog
hides the wintry moon
rising slowly

Slowly clears
the morning fog
end of the year

Hides the sun
a dense fog in the morning:
waning winter

Stench of burning leaves
mounts with fog in the evening
asthmatic breathing

East faced
yoga in the fog

Shrouded in fog
the lone pomegranate
in the backyard

Wrapped in fog
the flying plane
seen by sound

Feels the shadow
with wet fingers on the beach:
sound through the fog



Natalie said...

This poem stimulates all the senses: touch, sight, sound, smell, feeling, as well as moving through the seasons with its sensations and imagery. This was stimulating to read! Thank you.

R.K.SINGH said...

Thanks, natalie, for visting my blog and reading the haiku. Your comments fill me with confidence.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I really enjoyed reading these haiku, the many different faces of fog. My favourite I think has to be the pomegranate, partly because it is unexpected, partly because of the contrast between the grey fog and the brightness of the fruit. Thanks for visiting my blog too by the way!

R.K.SINGH said...

Hi, crafty green poet: thanks for visiting my blog and reading the haiku sequence on fog. I am happy you liked it.