Sunday, December 10, 2006


From bright sunlight
to pitch dark tunnel
passes the train

The year's first day
in the sunny courtyard
newspaper flutters

From a wiccan
seeks healing intercession:
fears spirits' clash

Sticks incense fragrance
on dried flowers and cut fruits
before the image

Their first dating:
with inverted reflection
walk out of the bar

Searches her bra
in the pile of nightclothes--

the white night--
lips meeting lips

Walking with
inverted images--
sea beach

Rises with tickles
between the thighs
the dream-serpent

Moving between
the fingers of a toddler:
the first winter rain

The winter chill
slowly rises each evening--
frozen shadows

With his crying baby
he moves in the train's passage:
marital tension

My whitening hair
and the ageing eyes long for
spring in the body

Years of home
in three suitcases:

On the ramp
hangs the nude her heart:
blazing back

Night's passage
on the beach with her--
silky sting

Fortune melting
with change in the wind:
summer leaves

Glued to the rock
feeling the river's cold flame
my hands and feet

The wet pages
of yesterday's newspaper:
all trains late

Panting through kisses
convulses her bdy--
rhythmic petting

With fearing finger
touches her to reach the clit:

White stubble
round his august chin--

her mother on the wall:
fading streaks

A yellow snake
slithers on the grass--
dewy trail of love

Orange streak
through the clouds--
seat belt fastened

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